Unlocking better health outcomes in Asia

We believe that connected data is key to transforming healthcare in Asia.

Pioneering approach to person-centred healthcare

Amplify Health takes a person-centred and systemic approach to improving health outcomes and reducing the cost of care. Our solutions are powered by advanced analytics , equipping health systems and individuals with precise insights and targeted interventions to drive the right care choices and behaviours needed to support Asia’s shift towards value-based healthcare.

Private and public payors

  • Better insurance products
  • Improved claims quality and lower medical costs
  • Effective policy administration

Healthcare providers

  • Patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Operational cost-savings
  • Value-based care

Pharma and Life sciences

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Expanded access by lowering medication costs


Healthier society

Improved productivity

Reduced healthcare burden

Creating value for all stakeholders in healthcare systems