Our solutions

Amplify Health’s expanding suite of offerings equips our customers with best-in-class, fully integrated, automated health technology solutions and products across the healthcare value chain.

With connected data at the heart of healthcare system transformation, Amplify Health aims to become a neutral and trusted custodian of Asia’s largest consolidated repository of healthcare data, improving healthcare access and delivery through comprehensive technology solutions powered by advanced analytics and predictive insights.

Our solutions stack and products can be customised and deployed to meet the needs of our customers across the healthcare system.

Our Precision Insights solution for payors and providers unlocks insights hidden in the complexities of healthcare data to power better decisions and care outcomes.
Current products:
Value Diagnostic & Insights
Value Diagnostics and Insights leverages advanced analytics and clinical intelligence to provide a comprehensive assessment of your data and analytical capabilities to launch specific business initiatives, along with an understanding of which business initiatives have the highest potential value.
Risk and Opportunity detection
Risk and Opportunity detection comprises analytic tools to pinpoint drivers of rising claims spend, manage population health, optimise business operations, and embed data-driven decisions across the organisation.

Asia's largest integrated repository of diverse healthcare data from across the full healthcare continuum, (financial, clinical, digital, behavioural) - unified, organised, and coded.

Our Payment Integrity solution targets payors and uses AI-based automation to efficiently authorise, manage, process, and monitor claims to shorten turnaround times, prevent fraud, and reduce waste.

Current products:

Claims Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA)

Claims FWA is an AI/ML processing engine that automates claims processing based on accurate, clinically enhanced data to detect FWA and increase speed and accuracy of adjudication.


The end-to-end pre-authorisation process is augmented with AI adjudication to improve turnaround times and payor, provider and patient experiences.

Our Value Optimisation solution targets payors and providers, leveraging validated quality and efficiency analytics to align financial incentives, optimise networks.

Current products:

Provider Management Suite

Provider Management Suite comprises analytic tools for provider performance profiles, alternative reimbursement models and network modeling to optimise provider networks, drive benefit design and value-based contracting.

Our Digital Engagement solution targets individuals and their healthcare providers, comprising highly personalised and seamless digital journeys that leverage multi-source data and advanced analytics to predict health risk, incentivise the right behaviors, support decision-making and provide steer to the most appropriate care.

Current products:


Vitality identifies individuals’ health risks and motivates and incentivises them to modify relevant lifestyle behaviors to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM) 

The CDM programme offers support to individuals living with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. With a particular focus on diet and nutrition, the programme helps individuals better manage their lifestyle through impactful interventions in aim to achieve better disease control and less reliance on medical care.

Our Healthcare Operations solution targets payors and comprises seamlessly connected high-volume transactional systems that automate and modernise end-to-end health insurance administration.

Current products:

Claims Administration

Claims Administration is an end-to-end solution that automates claims, improves cost control and enables better insights from Claims data.

Benefit Administration

Benefit Administration is a health plan benefit configuration with multi-dimensional definitions including triggers, periodic-limits, out-of-pocket and other parameters to easily manage product configuration and claims management.

Our Product Design and Advisory solution for payors offer design support for market-leading private medical insurance products and creates faster and more engaging underwriting experiences for customers.

Current products:

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Product Design

PMI product design leverages 30+ years of experience in PMI design to support the development of new and innovative products to grow market share​.

Complex Underwriting (UW) algorithms​

Complex UW algorithms use novel AI models to predict UW outcomes for manual underwriting cases that enable instant decisions.​